Our mission is a multifaceted one. All projects are interconnected to one another. The pilot program is designed to increase the rural educational program from the current first through fifth grades to sixth through eleventh grades. Using the Lao village of Kengmaihia (Champasak Province) as our model, we hope to…


I’ve just finished reading an excellent article on Twitter posted by the President of GoFundMe, Juan Benitez. An article posted from his original story on Medium. I strongly suggest that you read the entire article, particularly if you have previously donated too, or intend to do so in the future.

While growing up in North Long Beach, California in the mid to late fifties, I remember the social importance of belonging to one of these clubs. I consider them to be a unique phenomena to Southern California where the car culture took root.

The following memories tell my story. The…

Facebook no longer serves a purpose to the people who made it a way to be socially connected. We need millions of ordinary people to rise up to voice their complaints.

Here are some of my reasons for addressing this:

• No such thing as Customer Support

• Robots are…


We need to inform everyone of the danger to our public and private water distribution systems. The Environmental Protection Agency under the Trump Administration and Army Corps of Engineers have slated changes to shrink national water protections in February, 2020. In July 2017, the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers…

An addendum to the “Charity Begins at Home” short story previously submitted.

Each charitable act you decide is important and deserves your support should be vetted and its full transparency investigated. How much should I give to worthy causes after acknowledging my family is taken care of? What can I…

Some attacks against the norm will depend on motive. Social injustice, systemic racial prejudice, income inequity are all some valid reasons to seek change in ways where we break from normal procedure.

To attack the norm based on a motive of personal benefit will destroy our democracy. Bending the rule of law for your self-aggrandizement, or the obstruction of justice by the removal or appointment of others who will intercede on your behalf will surely place us on this dangerous road.

We must hold all those who act in concert to subvert, obstruct and participate in violating the rule of law accountable.


The corona virus (Covid-19) has demonstrated the fallacy in believing that governments will eventually solve our problems. Simply understanding the many different types of fallacies will graphically show the illogical thinking shown by our political leaders. Applicable examples of fallacious reasoning.

1. Ad Hominem, attacking the person, rejection on source…

This proverb was first recorded in English in a slightly different form. John Wycliffe wrote in his book, Of Prelates (c. 1380); “Charity should begin at himself.” 640 years later, this old adage is still being thoughtfully considered by philanthropic and altruistic humanitarians.

How much should I give to worthy…

Terrell Kaucher

By improving the quality and length of schooling we can help to protect the kids from slave labor recruiters. I derive my greatest pleasure in mentoring others.

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